el cheapo SD flash cart ver. 1.6 (BennVenn)


Coming Soon
  • DMG compatible (notched PCB)
  • 1Mbyte game ROM max
  • 128kbytes save RAM max
  • load/save to SD for game/LSDj saves
  • 1Mbyte per minute transfer speeds from SD card (double when used on a GBC/GBA)
  • save files are unique and not attached to the ROM file name
  • multiple saves per ROM
  • short file names recommended
  • the first 128 ROMs and save files are accessible via the GB
  • firmware upgradable via SD
  • replaceable battery version (CR1216/CR1220)
  • folder support now added
  • no RTC support
  • multi MBC support (1/2/3/5)
  • most SD cards are now supported, FAT32 formatted. (larger cluster size the better)
updating notes:
  • before updating make sure your batteries are charged etc... A failure during firmware updating can lead to a bricked cart
  • blank *.sav files (32k + 128k (LSDJ))
  • before you update, be 100% sure you format your SD card to fat32 with 4k clusters. confirm the card works by writing a flash to the cart: the first ROM you try flash should NOT be the firmware!


firmware update 1.65c stable.

  • cartridge PCB
  • plastic shell