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easy_VGA by uXe

A clean, compact DIY board for easy addition of VGA video out from various sources. Currently supporting SSD1306 (Arduboy, mainly) and Game Boy DMG. Minimal hookup is required, please see guides below. The socketed flash memory IC holds the compiled FPGA firmware. Boards come fully-tested and ESD-protected during transit.

Note: please order the IC you need for your project *in addition to* the main board itself (they are in the same drop-down menu). You can order extra ICs if you want this way, since they are broken out of the pricing, or none at all if you have some yourself and a compatible programmer.

For clarity: If your intent is to order a board with the GameBoy VGA-out firmware, and the 6-pin header soldered on, you need to add *three separate items* to your shopping cart: 1) the main board, 2) the IC for DMG Game Boy, and 3) the header assembly service.

  • Game Boy DMG: PDF
  • SSD1306: coming soon

Technical note: board is hardwired for 3-bit RGB (8 colors). The Game Boy DMG's 4 'colors' are mapped in the firmware to the lower 4 colors of this palette.

You'll need to supply your own VGA cable depending on your application requirements. Main board includes tested board only, with a header. ICs include only an IC. A socket comes installed on the main board as standard.

RoHS compliant.