drag'n'derp cartridge


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a professor abrasive product! this is a flash cartridge for the game boy console.

the cartridge features:
  • game boy original/color cartridge style
  • driverless, drag-and-drop operation
  • FRAM (no back-up battery required)
  • ROM: 24mbit/3mbyte
  • RAM: 1mbit/128kbyte
  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • micro-USB connector
  • works with: winXP, win7, OS X (10.5/10.6), linux 3.4.4
instructions for use:
  • plug into the computer with a micro-USB cable
  • wait for the cart to appear as a new USB drive
  • to back up, drag the save contents and/or ROM off the drive
  • to program, drop new save and/or ROM files on to the drive
  • that's it, you can unplug and use the cart!

to upgrade your firmware, please visit here.

purchase does not include clear case. current batch has a translucent black shell.