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these are random items which for various reasons need to go!

they're priced to move quickly, if you see something better grab it soon. its all in limited quantity, put here to clear up space in the shop for other things.

everything on this page is sold as-is.

if any of the items need further explanation, descriptions will follow:

    SID chips
    • all of these chips have some sort of error with either a voice or a filter, in most the low-pass doesn't work correctly
    • these are NOS
    • these ICs came from a bulk purchase of hundreds of SIDs, these are the (relatively few) which didn't pass all the audio tests
    • the marking on the IC seen in the picture is paint, I mark them during the testing process to keep track of the ones i've checked
    white Nintendo Power flash cartridges
    • these are pre-flashed with LSDJ ver. 4.0.2
    • proof of LSDJ ROM purchase required to buy these (check out the FAQ for info on LSDJ verification)
    • very lightly used
    • version 1.0 (non-USB)
    master everdrive
    • very lightly used
    • version 1.1 (non-USB)
    custom dmg cases
    • all have some cosmetic blemishes so they couldn't be sold as normal
    • they are otherwise fine